Donating is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1.  Mail us a check:

         Please make out your check to Baby Basics of Sarasota Co., Inc.

        P.O. Box 15485

        Sarasota, FL   34277

        And please indicate if you would like a receipt for your donation.

2. Purchase diapers or wipes:

     Check out our customized Amazon Smile page where you can

       purchase diapers or wipes that we have deemed most critical

       for our upcoming distributions.  Please click on the link below.

        When using our Baby Basics Amazon Smile donation page, please

        check the box, "This order contains a gift." Choose the shipping

        address of "Baby Basics of Sarasota Co., Inc." Please check the

        box, "Email recipient a copy of their gift receipt after the gift is           

        delivered" and enter

        (Note:  Amazon will notify us of your donation only if you follow

        these steps.)

3.  Make an electronic donation:

        We have set up a PayPal account as an option as well!

Paypal Logo2.png

We sincerely THANK YOU and are grateful for any support you can offer.